Can Invisalign Straighten Out Wonky Grins?

Published: March 14, 2024

This is the central question in Invisalign Appliers, and the answer is yes. If you are very conscious of your smile and feel that the Invisalign braces might not work correctly and might not give accurate results, this is not true. Invisalign is the modern way to correct the misalignment. Through this article, you will learn that Invisalign works perfectly and makes your smile pretty.

What is a crooked smile?

Your smile will appear uneven if you grin because one side of your teeth will show more than the other. It’s sometimes referred to as a crooked smile, which could be the source of your smile’s flaw. A misaligned grin might make you appear unappealing, even if you have perfect white teeth.

First things first, what’s with asymmetrical smiles? To put it simply, it’s the appearance of an uneven grin caused by misaligned teeth. Perhaps your teeth appear to be playing hide-and-seek, or perhaps one side of your smile is taller or lower than the other. Whatever the case, asymmetry can make you feel less than confident about flashing those pearly whites.

What are the primary reasons for the crooked smile?

Dental issues:

Here’s where the Invisalign doctor site login can assist. Crooked teeth can give rise to a crooked smile. Uneven teeth, in terms of form and function, are called crooked teeth.

Asymmetrical facial features:

Asymmetrical facial features are those in which one side of the face is larger or smaller than the other. Your mouth will naturally gravitate toward the larger side when you smile, giving you an uneven smile.


Smoking also affects the teeth by making them look nasty and dirty. So, if you are stopping or reducing it, you can make the most of recovering your smile. This does not just refer to tooth discoloration and periodontal ligament damage that results in tooth loss; this also includes muscular discomfort. Smoking can damage the facial muscles, especially the ones involved in smiling, which can result in a crooked smile.

Are you jawline-changed by braces?

Braces may impact the jawline in younger children, primarily if the orthodontist North Miami uses growth-modifying treatments or orthopaedics, sometimes called interceptive orthodontics. In these situations, braces and other equipment may alter the size and form of a child’s jawline. These appliances alter the size and shape of the jaw while the bones are still growing.

Adults’ jawlines remain the same size and shape while wearing braces. Depending on your issue, orthodontists can only offer surgical procedures as a solution. The orthodontist and oral surgeon must agree before executing these intricate surgical techniques.

Wrapping it up

This article has described all the significant things you must acknowledge about Invisalign braces. Each aligner in the series focuses on a different movement of your teeth, like tilting, shifting, or rotation, to progressively harmonize your smile. So, Invisalign has you covered, whether the trouble is coming from a crooked molar or a wayward incisor. You check all the services the Bay Harbor Islands orthodontist provides with an Invisalign login to be clear with the treatment plans.

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