Is Quartz A Valuable Gemstone?

Published: February 6, 2023

When it comes to minerals and rocks, quartz is the most well-known gemstone in existence, and it is very economical and readily available. Moreover, its semi-transparent to transparent nature captures the light, and it comes in many breathtaking colors like Purple Quartz and smokey quartz, which makes it incredibly popular for jewelry.

If you want to know about quartz and its properties, this article is for you because, in this article, you will additionally learn about historical and origin of quarts. What makes it more attractive than other gemstones?

What are the properties of quarts?

If you want to know the scientific perspective of “what is quartz,” here is the answer. The quartz is technically silicon dioxide, not a gemstone. It is abundant in nature, and people can’t easily stumble across the quartz while hiking in the mountains and woodland rivers.

There are many color options in quartz. Along with clear quartz, you can find quartz in pink, brown, gray, yellow, purple, and more. Usually, you can see color when there are some impurities left in clear quartz.

The History of Quartz

Since quarts are available in on the earth’s surface, cultures have been using them for decades.

Ancient Egyptians used quartz jewelry most time, Mesopotamia used rose quartz, and the Assyrians had pink jewelry. Romans and greeks were also fond of quartz to create talismans.

But quartz isn’t famous for its aesthetics though jewelry with quartz is most common, and the stone is also functional and makes way for plenty of industries. So, if you want white quartz crystal with many benefits, consider seeking a premium gem store for authentic gemstones.

What is the best quartz to wear?

Quartz stones are commonly used for jewelry making. Whether polished, cut, or tumbled, the broad range of pleasing clarity and Rough Quartz makes the best option. Additionally, they are widely available and durable, making them a very economical choice. Quartz jewelry can stand up for many years, and if you maintain it, it can look even as the years pass.

Smoky quartz is a popular option for the jewelry you should thank for its crystalline appearance. Light passes through quickly, making quartz seem almost glowing whether you get them in raw state or quartz beads.

Rose or pink quarts are most frequently used and offer delicate coloring and a sense of warmth and romance. The options are Rose quartz bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and earrings; consider seeking a reliable gemstone store to know what will be best for you.

What Are the Stones Similar to Quartz?

With so many colors, most gemstones ultimately resemble some form of quartz. Quarts and diamonds look like they sometimes. Certain double-terminated crystals are called Herkimer diamonds.


Suppose you want pink morganite, rhodolite sapphires, tourmaline, and a few others similar to rose quartz. Smoky topaz and axinite can have similar appearances to smoky quartz. It would be best if you considered visiting a reliable and premium gems store; they also help to know what will be for you.

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