What Colors of Braces Are The Best?

Published: December 22, 2022

To have whiter teeth with braces, you must carefully choose the braces’ color. Since the braces treatment runs for years, you won’t want to live with ugly band colors. Therefore, consult your orthodontist regarding braces color, as they can provide you with a “braces color wheel chart” to determine the best shade for your braces band. Light blue braces can be a suitable color for your braces.

You must want the colors of your braces that compliments your look & style. To help you out, we have discussed essential things given below;

What Braces is Color Right for Me?

If you are unhappy with your braces’ color, you can change it during the regular braces adjustment visits. You are free to choose any braces color during each dental visit. Initially, selecting the correct braces color may take a lot of work for you. Therefore, we have mentioned some helpful tips to help you out with the best braces colors;

Braces color for whiter teeth: You can choose dark shades like navy blue and purple that help maintain whiter teeth look. You may also pick brown and dark green.

White braces: You might think of having white color braces, but it is not the right choice as the white bands may eventually fade. As a result, your teeth will look more yellow. So, keep these things in your mind while choosing the best braces colors.

Yellow or Gold: Yellow and white colors similarly impact your teeth, and they may make your teeth appear more stained or yellowish.

Helpful tip: Choose clear or silver bands if your teeth have a yellow tint. If your teeth are naturally white, you can pick black braces to make them whiter and brighter.

Benefits of clear braces:

  • People can’t notice them from the outside.
  • You can remove them while eating your favorite food.
  • Cleaning them is easier.
  • There are fewer frequent dental visits.
  • Very comfortable to wear compared to metal braces.
  • Easy brushing & flossing.
  • You need to make choices while eating food.

Attractive Braces colors combination:

You can pick a color combination for braces bands that go around your braces, and the option is endless. For example;

Some Fabulous Braces Color Combinations:

Follow these beautiful color combinations for your braces for better teeth look.

Neon Green and Pink: Watermelon color is invariably an attractive choice. So, pick it once to have a great appearance with braces.

Aqua and Yellow: Optimistic and festive. Choose it to match your personality or when the festivals are around.

Orange and Blue: Create a style statement with this color mixture.

Pink and Purple: Use this color combination to have dazzling teeth appearance.

Baby Blue and Navy: This color combo is the best as its contrast can help you get a whiter appearance of your teeth.

Black and Red: Match this color combination with your black and red outfit to look stunning.


Are you ready to have some fascinating colors for your braces? Use the following tips to get a great look that must fit ongoing festivals, trends, and your overall personality. Visit a certified miami beach orthodontics to gather more meaningful information.

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