What Oral Problems Can An Orthodontist Correct With Invisalign?

Published: March 1, 2023

Invisalign has become popular as an alternative to conventional braces, as it can treat oral issues without discomfort and compromising appearance. Visit orthodontist miami beach to gather more precise information.

a) Overcrowding of the teeth:

Overcrowding of the teeth is the first issue that Invisalign can address. Some persons have a tight-fitting dental arch with no gaps. What’s the issue? When brushing the teeth, food fragments cannot be easily removed once they become stuck between them. As a result, you can have decayed teeth and infected gums, especially when bristles cannot clean the sides of a tooth. It is necessary to have the correct position of teeth and specific spacing between them to make cleaning easier.

b) Wider space between the teeth:

While some persons have crowded teeth, others might experience the opposite problem. They may discover that they have wider space between the teeth. As previously described, you must have an ideal separation between the teeth. With Invisalign, a miami shores orthodontist specialist can treat excessive crowding or gaps between the teeth. If you need to correct the spacing difficulties between your teeth, go to the closest dental office that uses the same technology. Then, talk about the concerns you’ll face down the road.

c)  Improper teeth alignment:

The alignment of the upper and lower jaws is proper for a healthy adult with the ideal set of teeth. Nonetheless, this alignment might provide issues for some people.

They must take time away from their regular schedule to visit the closest Invisalign-certified office if they have too many “crossbites.” The best orthodontist in miami will examine the jaws and the arrangement of the teeth. He can then decide whether using Invisalign to straighten the tooth is necessary.

d) Overbite:

Overbite is another issue that Invisalign can correct. The upper teeth may lightly bite into the lower lips due to the upper jaws’ modest protrusion. Any one reason can’t explain overbites in particular. If you are having similar problems, you should research the treatment options made possible by Invisalign.

To address this issue, dentists are known to distribute various translucent plastic devices that will aid in methodically getting rid of overbites. You can see your overbite before and after images to determine the difference.

e) Underbite:

Underbite is well known for giving lots of people restless nights. We had before noticed overbites. Consider what is known as an underbite when the exact opposite occurs. If you have this dental issue, the lower teeth may leave their mark on your upper lips. Invisalign brackets are effective options for treating the problem. The internet makes it easier to locate the best dental office with a dentist qualified to straighten your teeth with Invisalign brackets. The majority of websites allow you to search clinics by pin code.

Summing Up:

A familiar brand of aligners, Invisalign, has been proven to be successful in treating mild to moderate overbites. Severe overbites and other tooth problems might be more successfully treated with conventional braces.

Braces may not be as effective in treating mild or moderate overbites as Invisalign. Although some people might need the addition of rubber bands to meet their treatment objectives, they are also less noticeable when worn.

For the best results, wearing the aligners as instructed is critical. You’ll need a personalised treatment plan for both traditional braces and Invisalign to fit your specific teeth. Schedule an appointment with orthodontists miami fl for a precise diagnosis and treatment.

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