What Should You Know Before Your First Orangetheory Class?

Published: May 12, 2023

Orangetheory Fitness possesses a one-hour, full-body group training with a distinct composition that fuses each class with power, stability and endurance. This theory guarantees the maximum results.

It includes 60-minute classes combining high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and intense cardio sessions. Orangetheory has become popular because of its reputation for high-intensity and calorie-burning workouts that will help you to stay in the green, orange, and red zones for most of your session. You can learn more about orangetheory classes from your local gyms in Florida.

Let’s see orangetheory class includes what you should know before the orangetheory class.

You’ll wear a heart rate monitor to measure your level during the class.

Orangetheory is based on the concept of your heart-rate training. To see which level you are at, you need to keep looking at the percentage of your maximum heart rate you’re working at. A heart rate monitor helps you look closely at your effort in numbers. You can watch your heart rate on a real-time screen scaled during your workout in gyms in midtown miami.

Your heart rate monitor tells how you rack up “splat points.”

During the orangetheory class, the main aim is to earn at least 12 “splat points,” each splat point shows one minute spent working at 84% of your (counted) max heart rate or higher.

Therefore, your heart rate levels decided into three main “zones”: green, orange, and red on the screen to determine your heart rate level. These zones mean the green zone is 71% to 83% of your max heart rate, which usually feels complicated and challenging but is a comfortable zone. The orange zone is 84% to 91% of your max heart rate; in this zone, you may feel tired enough to move the most counted zone; the red zone is 92% or above, which means you need to give your all efforts to the maximum, leaving your comfort zone. So, 12 splat points are equivalent to 12 minutes consumed in the orange and red zones merged.

The main purpose of the orangetheory class is the 12-minute goal to boost excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). It is also called the “afterburn impact”, as your body still uses energy (burning calories) at a higher rate even long after your workout ends, as it works to return to its normal state. Talk to a professional trainer of fitness midtown to know how effective it is.

Rower, the Treadmill, & the Strength Training Floor.

The orangetheory class includes the workout split between the rower, the treadmill, and the strength training floor. You will spend an equal amount of time on the three exercises.

  • In the rower part, you activate 85% of your body’s muscles to improve your endurance, strength and power. You can also perform ball exercises, which orangetheory helps you with.
  • The floor portion includes benches, dumbbells, resistance bands, and other needed equipment. When you start the workout, before beginning the floor portion, the trainer will describe each exercise with the demo; you can see it on the video screen with a GIF of the exercises and how many sets and reps to do with each workout.
  • The same goes on the treadmill; the orangetheory coach will help you work at your “base,” “push,” and “all-out” paces. You determine these speeds and inclines based on whether you like to power walk, jog, or run. Orangetheory offers general guidelines for each. Depending on the exercise, it may have a combination of hill climbs, steady-state endurance jogging or other workouts. Book workout classes midtown and start your fitness routine.

In Conclusion:

Orangetheory has many benefits that help you to gain muscles and strengthen your body. With the best orangetheory fitness midtown miami classes

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