The stages of fetal development in the Holy Quran

Published: March 31, 2022

The creation of man is one of the greatest signs of God Almighty. Each stage of creation is considered a verse. And telling God Almighty about the stages of fetal development in the Holy Qur’an is considered a scientific miracle, which modern science did not reach until a few years ago.

The stages of fetal development in the Holy Quran

The stages of fetal development are mentioned in the Holy Qur’an in the verse (Al-Mu’minoon: 12-14):

It is also mentioned in Surat Al-Hajj in the Almighty’s verse:

The fetus inside the mother’s womb goes through many physical and mental changes, depending on the passage of time and the increase in months inside the womb. From the start, he is from the fertilized egg to the end of being a full-fledged baby, as the mother anxiously awaits the arrival of her nine-month-old baby in her womb.

Stages of fetal growth

There are many stages a fetus goes through as it develops, including:

Semen stage:

The stage in which the man enters the woman’s uterus to fertilize the egg in the woman in the fallopian tube, and this is the release of the term gamete i.e. a drop mixed with two waters (the water of a man and a woman). This stage takes about six days, the first six days of pregnancy, and after this period of time, the semen continues its way into the lining of the uterus, then continues to divide and develop. God said about this stage, “And We created man from a lineage of clay, then We made him a sperm in a secure place . ” Semen is completed within two days (14), calculated from the day of vaccination.

leech stage:

The embryo loses its round shape to take on an oblong shape, like that of a worm that lives in ponds, and continues. This stage is until the end of the fortieth day of pregnancy. God Almighty said about this stage: “And We created the sperm as a clot. ”

Embryo stage:

The term in the language is a piece of meat, and this stage of fetal development begins from the third week of pregnancy, which is divided into two parts:

The first section is the non-congenital fetus that lasts until the fourth week of pregnancy.

The second part is the fetus, which starts from the fifth week of pregnancy, the stage of the onset of formation and the rapid growth of organs in it. It consists of three layers: the outer layer, in which the skin is created, the inner layer, in which the internal organs are created, such as the digestive and respiratory systems, and the middle layer, in which the excretory organs grow. This stage continues until the sixth month of the fetus’s life. God Almighty said: “So We created the clot as a piece of cake.”

orthopedic stage:

This stage begins at the end of the sixth month; The spine gradually begins to form, and it is very small. God Almighty said: “So We created the compressed bones. ”

Boneless stage of meat:

This stage is the formation of muscles around the bones, and it is at the end of the seventh week until the end of the eighth week; God Almighty said, “We clothed the bones with flesh.” This stage is the end of the creation stage.

Other stage of infancy

In it, God Almighty said: “Then We created him as another creation, so blessed be God, the Best of Creators. ” At this stage, hair grows on the body of the fetus, and scientists have said about this stage that the soul breathed in it.

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