The Importance of a Security Blanket for Babies

Published: June 7, 2022

A security blanket or blankie, or lovey, or whatever you want to call it, is one of the best baby gifts you can give to an infant. There are many benefits of having a security blanket for babies, and children who have them tend to develop healthier sleeping habits, are more easily soothed, and feel more secure when they fall asleep alone in their own room with no big people around. But how do you know which blanket to buy? Here’s everything you need to know about security blanket for babies!

They Act As Transitional Objects

Whether we’re talking about plush toys or blankie, security blanket for babies act as transitional objects. A transitional object is something that helps a child develop an independent sense of self, separate from their mother (or whoever is taking care of them). In other words, a security blanket enables babies to better understand that they aren’t completely dependent on their caregivers. If it wasn’t for things like blankets and stuffed animals, many babies would grow up with difficulty understanding themselves as separate from others (which could lead to all sorts of psychological problems later in life).

They Can Help With Sleep

If you have a baby or toddler, you’re probably already familiar with their security blanket. In many cases, that blanket is actually not just for security but also serves as a sleep aid. Given how often babies are moved around throughout their day (car seats, cribs, strollers), it makes sense that they want to bring something familiar with them at night. That familiar item can help relax your child and get them ready to drift off into dreamland. If you do buy your baby or toddler a comfort blanket and want to use it as both, consider attaching it to their car seat or crib in order to make moving easier; just be sure to wash it regularly so it doesn’t carry germs and potentially cause an infection.

They Help Establish A Bed Time Routine

Whether you want to instill an early bedtime habit or need to get baby to sleep at night, having a trusty blanket helps establish your baby’s bedtime routine. Just like you need your special piece that calms you down in order to unwind, your little one will too. Remember: just because they’re babies doesn’t mean they don’t have their own habits and preferences.

They Can Improve The Temperament Of The Child

Much like us, babies need comfort from their surroundings. When they are wrap up in their blanket, it has a calming effect on them and helps them relax easier. By providing that comfort to your child when they are young, you are helping them build confidence and learn how to be more at ease with themselves as they grow older. This can help prevent things like shyness or social anxiety down the road which is why having a security blanket around as soon as possible is key! They Can Help Baby Feel Safe: The world can be an overwhelming place for children who don’t really know what’s going on yet. With all these new experiences happening around them, many children have fears about things they don’t understand.


Babies who have been provided with a comforting blanket, which they can carry around with them and keep close to their bodies, are found to be more responsive towards strangers than babies who have not had that luxury. This goes to show how much importance we place on security blankets. Having one when you’re young serves as an extra source of comfort, just like it does for adults who use them as well. Even if you don’t consider yourself particularly attached to your blanket, remember that it is there to make things better and help you cope better with stressful situations! So if you need one or just want one because it looks cute, go out and get yourself one—but don’t lose it!

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