Early pregnancy symptoms

Published: March 30, 2022

Although pregnancy tests such as the home pregnancy test and sonar test are the only ways to determine if you are pregnant, there are early pregnancy symptoms that indicate pregnancy.

  • When do pregnancy symptoms start?
  • Pregnancy symptoms after menstruation
  • Symptoms of pregnancy in the first month
    • Signs of pregnancy Bold
    • Signs of pregnancy with a girl

When do pregnancy symptoms start?

Pregnancy symptoms timetable
mild cramps week 1 to 4
late period week 4
Tired Week 4 or 5
nausea Week 4 to 6
Tingling or pain in the breast Week 4 to 6
frequent urination Week 4 to 6
Abdominal bloating Week 4 to 6
feeling dizzy Week 5 to 6
Mood Swings week 6
temperature change week 6
Hypertension week 8
Extreme tiredness and heartburn week 9
Rapid Heartbeat Week 8 to 10
Breast change and nipple color week 11
young love week 11
Noticeable increase in weight week 11
pregnancy glow week 12

Pregnancy symptoms after menstruation

If you can’t wait to take a home pregnancy test, here are some post-period pregnancy symptoms that indicate pregnancy.

Sensitivity to odors: Some newly pregnant women report a heightened sense of smell early on due to increased estrogen levels. However, the nose can feel more sensitive than usual and it may also be a side effect of PMS.

Cervical mucus: Studies have shown that if the mucus becomes white and creamy in color and remains that way even after ovulation, then this is a sign of pregnancy.

Bloating: As all women know, bloating is a symptom of PMS but it may also be a sign of pregnancy-induced excess of progesterone that slows down the digestive system, trapping gas inside the intestines.

Symptoms of pregnancy in the first month

When pregnancy occurs, some early pregnancy symptoms occur. However, some of these symptoms may be due to some health problems. Therefore, you should take a home pregnancy test or take an ultrasound test, and one of the most important early symptoms of pregnancy is as follows:

  • High body temperature
  • Absent or late period, and this sign of pregnancy is the most obvious.
  • When the egg is implanted into the uterine lining, this can result in light drops of blood, which usually occur about 6-12 days after the egg is fertilized.
  • White vaginal discharge occurs as a result of the thickening of the vaginal wall.
  • High progesterone and low blood pressure cause fatigue, and the cause can also be low blood sugar level.
  • Changes in the breast are the first symptoms of pregnancy to appear as a result of the change in the hormone level of the woman after pregnancy, the breasts become swollen in the week and the color of the nipple may become darker.
  • Feeling nauseous in the early hours of the morning, and this happens due to pregnancy hormones, but there is a small group of women who do not have this.
  • Frequent urination. This is caused by a change in the level of hormones that increase blood flow to the kidneys, causing the bladder to fill up and you need to pass urine continuously. As pregnancy progresses, the size of the fetus increases and causes pressure on the bladder, which leads to frequent urination.

Bold pregnancy symptoms

We have all heard about boy and girl pregnancy symptoms that can help pregnant women predict the gender of their baby. But do you actually know how sex is determined, and which of these signs are true or false? Read this paragraph to learn more about your baby’s gender.

Signs of pregnancy Bold

Is it really possible to know the gender of a newborn boy or girl through pregnancy symptoms? Is there a difference between signs of pregnancy with a boy and signs of pregnancy with a girl? In this section, we will discuss the signs of pregnancy with a boy.

  • Many women think that a lack of morning sickness is a sign of a baby boy. They consider that frequent defecation is a symptom of pregnancy with a girl due to an increase in the level of hormones, which encourages nausea.
  • Research has shown that between 50% to 90% of pregnant women are encouraged to eat salty food. There is a common belief that women carrying a girl will tend to sweets. They believe that if a woman is pregnant, she will crave salty and sour foods.
  • One of the rumors among women is that the black line below the navel indicates that the woman is carrying a boy.
  • Hair growth usually increases significantly if the baby is a boy.
  • The appearance of acne and pimples is a sign of pregnancy because testosterone levels increase in the mother’s blood.
  • Changing the color of urine during pregnancy to dark may be one of the symptoms of pregnancy boy.
  • Excess weight in pregnant women indicates the gender of the fetus. The localization of fat in the abdomen is considered a sign of pregnancy with a boy, while the distribution of fat on all parts of the body is a sign of pregnancy with a girl.

Signs of pregnancy with a girl

There are a lot of common beliefs and superstitions that claim to predict the gender of a fetus. While it is possible to determine the gender of your baby through pregnancy symptoms, here’s the truth about the 4 signs of pregnancy with a girl:

  • A common belief among women is that pre-pregnancy stress levels can play a role in determining the sex of your baby. Surprisingly, scientific studies have found a relationship between these two facts. A study revealed that women with higher levels of cortisol – the stress hormone – are more likely to have a girl. However, the reason for this has not yet been discovered.
  • Some people believe that the estrogen produced by baby girls can affect the mother’s mood, causing mood swings. However, scientific studies have found that this is not true. All pregnant women can experience mood swings due to the change in their hormones during pregnancy. But these mood changes are not related to your child’s gender!
  • Another common belief is that since daughters produce more hormones, their mothers will experience more severe morning sickness. But science and experience have proven that morning sickness can vary from woman to woman.
  • Have you ever heard that a child steals the beauty of her mother? Some people think that if the pregnancy is a girl, the skin will become oily, pale and have a lot of acne. But this is just a misconception. The pregnancy hormone can be fickle, and it will affect her skin and hair differently.

You may miss your period without being pregnant for a number of reasons, including stress, illness, exercising too much, or a hormonal imbalance. When in doubt, take a home pregnancy test and make an appointment to see a doctor to get a definitive answer.

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