Methods of treating thinness for girls in 5 steps

Published: March 30, 2022

Peace be upon you. Blog how to present to you in this article everything related to thinness: causes, problems, and ways to treat thinness and gain appropriate weight through some easy recipes.

  • Girls’ thinness problems
  • Causes of thinness in women
  • The solution to genetic thinness
  • How do I treat thinness?
  • Girls’ thinness problems

The problem of thinness is usually one of the biggest annoying problems that girls face and is one of the most difficult annoying things that everyone is trying to find a way to solve it, as it is known as the case in which the body mass is less than the average 18.5, and there are many diseases that are related to thinness where it is not able The body has taken its food needs, which leads to malnutrition as a result of a lack of many nutrients that the body requires in the day, which results from malnutrition and weak immunity.

Extreme thinness annoys many girls when they choose some clothes and they cannot wear them normally, which is difficult for them to wear because of the thinness, as it works on the inconsistency of clothes with each other, as this creates a feeling of permanent and continuous discomfort for long periods.

Causes of thinness in women

There are many reasons for thinness in women, but today there are some cases that are latent and unknown reasons for their thinness.

A rise in the metabolic rate of women: The irregularity of the metabolic rate of some groups of women prevents women from gaining weight even though they eat large amounts of foods with high calories, which leads to not being allowed to gain weight.

Family history: The presence of a person in the family who suffers from underweight can be inherited by another person, which is called a low body mass index rate, due to the physical characteristics within the family.
Excessive movement during the day: Excessive movement and physical activity reduces weight and body weight for some people, especially athletes, who are highly mobile and carry high weights, which works to reduce weight and reduce calories gained, especially those who engage in jogging.

The psychological state of some: Mental health works to influence the gain and loss of weight, as during the period of fatigue and psychological exhaustion, some people lose their appetite and desire for food, and this leads to weight loss in a quick and unhealthy way. Examples of some of these cases are: depression, compulsive mental disorder, And severe anxiety, all of these reasons affect a person’s appetite.

Suffering of people from some chronic diseases: with the presence and multiplicity of diseases that cause weight loss and that contribute to the person not remaining in his natural state, which works to cause the individual to reach the stage of thinness, such as: vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea in these cases, it is difficult for the individual to acquire the process of gaining weight. Weight and in some aspects less appetite for people to eat.

The solution to genetic thinness

Genetic thinness comes in some people as a result of inheriting some genetic genes from the genetic family history, so individuals who suffer from genetic thinness must follow a diet and work on eating a lot of protein foods and foods full of high calories beneficial to the body and it is recommended before starting treatment to eliminate thinness That they do a comprehensive examination to check on their health and go to a doctor who specializes in that. All of these methods are useful in the treatment of underweight girls.

How do I treat thinness?

There are many methods that are used to treat thinness for girls, as they help in obtaining a graceful, wonderful and slender body, and as many girls dream of these days, so that you can wear what you want from the wonderful and new clothes that they cannot wear at the time of thinness, so to get a beautiful body as you wish, you can follow Some of these points, but before starting to take one of these recipes, you must go to the doctor to conduct the appropriate tests to see if the woman suffers from health problems or not.

Some of the love of the dear, which is used with some of the ground fenugreek and a variety of nuts, including delicious ones, which act as an appetite suppressant, almonds, pistachios, and some nuts that help gain weight. After eating this mixture, you can eat a full cup of whole milk four times a day for a period of time. A continuous month or until you get the required weight, as this method will help to eliminate thinness and help in gaining weight. The recipe should not be neglected because it will not work if it is not taken every day continuously, it will become useless.

Eating halva. Many people like to eat halva, so it helps to get rid of thinness and treat it because it contains a high amount of sugar and a sweet taste. It can be mixed with yogurt by adding two tablespoons of halva with yogurt and eating it every day in the morning and on an empty stomach. The recipe is repeated daily until Get the desired weight and appropriate with your height to get an ideal weight.

Walnut paper Mix a spoonful of walnut paper with a cup of hot water and leave it for a quarter of an hour until the mixture mixes together well and then the mixture is filtered and eaten after lunch and a cup after dinner. The recipe should be used daily to eliminate thinness quickly and reach the desired weight.

Coriander powder A spoonful of coriander powder should be taken after eating every meal during the day. It can be placed with soup or mixed with some favorite salads, as it gives it a wonderful and beautiful taste. The recipe should be repeated daily for a whole month until the required weight is obtained to contain the coriander on an appropriate amount of coriander. Iron, which works to strengthen the blood and increase red blood cells in the body, and coriander also works to open the appetite to eat large quantities of food and gain weight in a healthy way without the need to resort to surgical operations that sometimes become harmful to many people and eat foods that contain calories High thermal.

Sesame seeds and raisins, which work to get rid of thinness and reach the desired shape in your body and the ideal weight that is commensurate with the appropriate length. Therefore, many nutritionists recommended that many who suffer from thinness eat 150 grams of raisins and eat two tablespoons of sesame seeds with a spoonful of honey With delicious bananas in taste, which is preferred by many people, as this is a natural recipe, one of the most effective and proven recipes that works for me to gain weight in a quick and wonderful way.

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