How to gain weight fast for girls

Published: March 30, 2022

How to gain weight quickly for girls? A question asked by most girls who are characterized by a very thin body, what is the best way to get a slim body free of thinness, so that I can wear all the favorite clothes that I feel myself in and my body becomes as I want harmonious, attractive and slender, because unfortunately I tried all methods and I will not get an effective solution To treat thinness so far, we say to you now, do not worry about the problem of thinness at all from today, because we will provide you with the best secrets through which you will be able to control the problem of thinness in the least possible time and include the following secrets.

  • The best recipes for fast-acting weight gain
  • How to gain weight fast for girls
    • Ways to gain weight quickly for women with the best magic drink
  • Preparing ways to gain weight quickly for women
  • Foods to gain weight
    • eggs
    • Meat and poultry
  • Best Weight Gainer Diet Program for Girls
    • Diet program

The best recipes for fast-acting weight gain

Since ancient times, the Pharaohs used a magical plant to eliminate the problem of thinness called “love of the dear” because it contains many compounds and wonderful benefits that treat health problems that cause the problem of thinness, such as (it contains 30% oil, 28% starch, sucrose and protein).

Dear love not only eliminates the problem of thinness, but also expels the stomach snake and treats cataracts and eczema and against itchy skin and uterine infections, it is really wonderful and from personal experience, but it needs some natural ingredients that increase the strength of its effect such as (fenugreek and nuts such as almonds, pistachios and whole milk).

Method of preparation: It is very easy to grind the beans of dear love well, then add the fenugreek and two tablespoons of nuts such as almonds and pistachios and put them on a glass of milk.

For a quick way, drink this drink 4 times a day after each meal for a month.

How to gain weight fast for girls

To every girl looking for the fastest way to gain weight and get a slim body free of thinness and fat, here are the best quick ways to get rid of thinness, which is a magical drink that increases your weight and coordinates your body without following a severe diet.

Ways to gain weight quickly for women with the best magic drink:

It is a healthy drink consisting of 100% natural ingredients that increases your weight from three to five kilos per week. It consists of:

  • 2 tablespoons of ground soybeans
  • 8 grains of pitted dates
  • two tablespoons of sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of raisins
  • A cup of full-fat milk, preferably if it has cream.
  • 2 teaspoons of original bee honey.

Preparing ways to gain weight quickly for women

All the previous ingredients are beaten in the blender, until they are well homogenized with each other to get a fast-acting drink, then the drink is drunk in several stages in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening half an hour before bed.

Continue on this drink for a month and you will notice the difference and that your body began to increase and the features of your femininity appear. When you get the right body that you dream of, stop immediately on the drink, so that your body does not increase more than that and your problem becomes how to lose weight and burn body fat quickly.

Foods to gain weight

One of the most popular foods for weight gain is yeast by putting it on a glass of milk daily after every breakfast. From experience, you will notice from the second week that your body has begun to increase specific areas in the body, such as the chest, buttocks and buttocks.

Eat tuna fish because it contains proteins that contain amino acids that increase the energy of the human body and accelerate the production of proteins that give the body health and increase its immunity and strengthen bones and hair. Salmon helps to moisturize the skin and its freshness.


It is considered one of the best food products that increase the strength of the muscles of the body and meet the needs of the human body. Each two eggs is considered as 100 grams of meat and fish, so you can eat 3 eggs a day divided into 3 stages, an egg for breakfast, one for lunch and another for dinner, and it must be cooked in water, so that it is well digested.

Meat and poultry:

Which are considered among the best sources through which you get vitamin B6 and B12, zinc and micronutrients that contribute to the secretion of body proteins.

Best Weight Gainer Diet Program for Girls

Diet program:

  • Breakfast: It must contain food that is high in calories, so it is preferable to eat eggs with toast, which is characterized by a lot of wheat in it.
  • Lunch: Try as much as possible for this meal to be hearty. It is okay to eat pizza with a variety of vegetables, and it is preferable to add some fruit to all of the above, and it is preferable that this fruit be bananas or apples.
  • Dinner: This meal should also contain high calories; Because it is no less important than breakfast and lunch, so you can eat grilled fish with roasted potatoes, and all this besides bread as an essential ingredient, especially toast that you should have for breakfast as well.

If you suffer from thinness and want to get a perfect body by increasing your weight, the solution is very simple and easy, all you have to follow those previous methods and you will get an attractive body free of thinness as soon as possible.

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