What Is The Connection Between Pregnancy and Back Pain?

Published: July 11, 2023

Although being pregnant can be a wonderful and life-changing experience for women, it can also result in bodily discomforts, such as back pain which may be consulted with a back doctor nj. Several causes, including the body’s adjustments to support the developing fetus, might cause back pain during pregnancy. 

How Does Pregnancy Contribute to Back Pain?

The changes the body goes through during pregnancy can put a strain on the back and cause pain. These are some crucial elements:

Gaining Weight

Women usually gain weight as their pregnancies develop to assist the growing fetus. The center of gravity may move forward due to the added weight in the abdomen, putting more strain on the back muscles and spine. You should consult back pain specialists woodland park for any weight gaining related issues. 

Changes In Posture

Pregnant women frequently change their posture to accommodate the expanding baby bump. The muscles and ligaments in the back may be strained due to this posture alteration, which also involves a forward displacement of the pelvis, resulting in discomfort and suffering.

Hormone Adjustments

The body releases relaxin and other hormones throughout pregnancy to assist in loosening ligaments and joints in preparation for childbirth. While this is required for giving birth, it can also damage the spine’s stability and support, which can worsen back pain.

What Are The Safe Remedies for Pregnancy-Related Back Pain?

Effective Body Mechanics

Good body mechanics and posture can help reduce back pain during pregnancy. Try to maintain a straight posture and place your weight evenly on both feet. When lifting anything, always remember to bend at the knees and use your legs rather than overextending your back.

Stretching And Exercise

Exercises that are safe during pregnancy can help strengthen the back muscles and relieve back pain. Walking, swimming, and prenatal yoga are examples of low-impact exercises that can aid with posture, flexibility, and total muscular strength. To find the right workouts for your unique needs, speak with a back pain doctor west orange or a prenatal exercise professional.

Maternity Massage

A professional therapist’s prenatal massage can ease back pain and encourage calm. Targeting particular sore spots and easing muscle tension are two benefits of prenatal massage treatments. Before getting a pregnant massage, you must speak with your doctor and confirm that the therapist is skilled in prenatal massage techniques.

Cold And Heat Therapy

Relaxing the muscles and reducing back pain can be accomplished using a warm compress or soaking in a warm bath. Similarly, applying a cold pack or ice wrapped in a towel will temporarily numb the area and reduce swelling. If heat or cold therapy is required by back pains specialists west orange, alternate between them while ensuring the environment is always secure and cozy for you and your infant.

Comfortable Shoes

During pregnancy, wearing comfortable and supportive footwear can help reduce back pain. Choose low-heeled shoes with strong arch support to preserve normal alignment and lessen stress on the back muscles.

Pregnancy Support Belts

Belts or bands designed specifically for pregnant women can support the lower back and abdomen, easing strain and backache. These belts are uniquely made, adjustable, and comfortable to wear all day.

As a result,

Many pregnant women worry about back pain, but there are safe and effective treatments to help manage and ease discomfort. As usual, it’s crucial to speak with back pain specialists Woodland before attempting new remedies or treatments to be sure they’re appropriate for your pregnancy. Women can have a more enjoyable pregnancy while excitedly anticipating the birth of their children by prioritizing self-care and seeking assistance.

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