How to treat thinness in a healthy way

Published: March 30, 2022

It is known that the problem of extreme thinness is a big problem that many members of society suffer from, children, women and men, and its causes are many, including malnutrition or the choice of harmful foods .

  • What is thinness?
    • Structural thinness
    • Nutritional thinness
    • Test Are you skinny?
  • How to treat thinness

What is thinness?

Thinness is a decrease in weight from the normal rate by 15 to 20%. It may be hereditary or the result of choosing non-integrated foods and is divided into two parts:

Structural thinness:

Causes of thinness: Cancer or pituitary gland disorders and the body’s inability to absorb food, it can also be due to following harsh diets that lead to weakness in the body, and increased thyroid activity to know that you suffer from it, you must measure the percentage of thyroid hormone and measure pulse and then compare them to normal.

But there are some signs that indicate an increase in the activity of the thyroid gland, i.e. an increase in sweating, sometimes a little ingratitude of the eyes, inability to bear heat and weakness in the body, and this is the first reason for weight loss and pathological thinness.

The other factor, which is more common in children, is worms and its symptoms are diarrhea, and you always feel dizzy, pain in the stomach, intestinal colic, and a constant feeling of hunger. Medicine is sold.

Type 1 diabetes, and this is often a skinny person less than 25 years old, and it appears through a sugar analysis, whether you are fasting or not fasting, and its treatment is to organize diabetes medication with your specialist doctor, and after you regulate your sugar, your weight increases again.

Nutritional thinness:

It is caused by eating food that does not derive enough energy from the body to meet its needs, and this type of excess thinness is noticeable in people with psychological and neurological diseases, and also in people who do not eat enough food and exert themselves in exercise, drinking large amounts of water Before every meal because it helps to feel full.

Test Are you skinny?

How do you know if you are skinny or not? It is very simple. Divide your weight by the square of your height. For example, you weigh 52 kilograms and your height is 173 cm. Divide 52 by 1.73 by 1.73.

52 / (1.73 * 1.73) = 17.37 will equal a number. If this number was equal to more than 18 to 24.5, then you are in the ideal weight. If it is more than 24.5 to 25, this means that you suffer from obesity, and if your total account is less than 18, you suffer from skinny nbsp

How to treat thinness

One of the most important ways to treat excessive thinness is to calculate the calories that your body needs, and when you know the number of calories you need, you add other calories to them every day to increase your weight and muscles. Eat a lot of protein and carbohydrates from red and white meat and whole dairy products. Fat because you need the extra calories that are found in whole milk.

Try to eat three meals a day and add light foods to them between each meal, such as milk chocolate or a glass of whole milk, and eat nuts of all kinds such as almonds, pistachios and peanuts because they contain large additional calories and harmless fats and also other things Dried fruits that contain calories, you should be careful to eat them, such as raisins and dates, and one of the important steps that must also be followed is the practice of bodybuilding because you do not want to gain weight full of fat and sagging, and it is one of the most sports that will help you build your muscles and It will also help you increase growth hormone and testosterone in men.

And in the end, the weight gain journey takes a long time, so it needs patience, following the diet and natural recipes to treat thinness, after which you will notice a healthy weight gain and you will get a perfect and harmonious body.

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