9 Early Signs of Pregnancy – How do I know I’m pregnant at home?

Published: March 30, 2022

Sometimes you notice changes in your body before your period and wonder how do I know if I am pregnant or not? The only solution to ascertain whether there is a pregnancy or not is a home pregnancy test, but there are also various symptoms that show you that you should take a pregnancy test.

But these symptoms can be similar to pre-menstrual symptoms or symptoms of false pregnancy.

Blog how to offer you, my sister, the most common signs of pregnancy among women.

  • How do I know that I am pregnant early?
    • Blood spots and cramps
    • Prick in religiosity
    • Fainting and fatigue
    • Morning sickness
    • Menopause
    • The need to urinate frequently
    • Mood swings and nervousness
    • Head and back pain
    • Fainting and feeling dizzy
  • What are the symptoms of false pregnancy.

How do I know that I am pregnant early?

Here are the most common early pregnancy symptoms among women, but these symptoms can be caused by other things, so you should take a pregnancy test to make sure:

Blood spots and cramps

This results from the attachment of a fertilized egg to the uterine wall, which leads to blood spots and contractions. These contractions may be similar to menstrual cramps.

And there are also white secretions coming out of the vagina and this happens due to the thickness of the uterine wall.

Prick in religiosity

One of the early symptoms of pregnancy is changes in menstruation because the level of the hormone changes, so you notice swelling or sores and pain, and with the period you may feel heaviness and the areola (the area around the nipples) becomes darker in color and it may take a while to get used to that change, but these pains or changes may be the result of about something else.

Fainting and fatigue

The high level of progesterone that causes extreme tiredness and fatigue is unusual and this occurs early in pregnancy, but it can be other causes of this fatigue such as low blood glucose level, low pressure or increased blood production.

Morning sickness

This is one of the symptoms of early pregnancy and its cause is unknown, but hormones often play a major role in nausea.

A woman may crave all kinds of food, and she may also hate food in general, and just thinking about a particular type of food may make her feel nauseous.

Therefore, you must follow a healthy diet for your fetus to be in good health.


The interruption of the menstrual cycle is the main reason for taking a home pregnancy test, but not every time it is caused by pregnancy. Sometimes it is stress or a drop in weight, and also stopping the contraceptive pill. So you need to take a pregnancy test to be sure.

The need to urinate frequently

Because of changes in the level of hormones during the beginning of pregnancy, a pregnant woman always feels the need to urinate, and it may also be due to diabetes or a urinary tract infection.

Mood swings and nervousness

At the beginning of pregnancy, one of the most annoying symptoms is nervousness and mood swings because hormones change, and they have an effect on your mood.

Head and back pain

Sometimes a woman feels a slight headache and back pain , and this is a normal thing and is caused by heaviness, especially in the last months.

Fainting and feeling dizzy

This is one of the most common symptoms among pregnant women, because the blood sugar level drops and the blood vessels widen.

Sometimes these symptoms may be just a false pregnancy, so we will explain to you, sister, signs that indicate a false pregnancy so that you do not fall into thickenings, even though they are sometimes similar to the real pregnancy.

What are the symptoms of false pregnancy:

  • Flatulence
  • Menstruation stops
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • The feeling of the fetus moving despite its absence
  • Changing the form of religion and their swelling

False pregnancy does not know its exact cause, but it occurs for psychological reasons, such as the woman’s reaching menopause or the eagerness to have children, which leaves the hormones changing and the woman deludes that she is pregnant.

After you know the early signs of pregnancy and the symptoms of false pregnancy, and in order not to be mistaken, we advise you to take a pregnancy test at home in order to prepare for a healthy pregnancy for you and your fetus.

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